Experience Ghana​


    July 22, 2017 - 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    The Assembly Hall - Toronto, Canada

  • Come on a Journey

    Experience Ghana is a one day cultural heritage museum, bringing Canadians together to explore the culture and history of Ghana, West Africa, a country formerly known as the Gold Coast.


    Come on a journey to connect with Ghanaians, experience their rich history, linguistic diversity, flavourful cuisine, film, art and music!

    Cultural Heritage Artifacts

    • Historical documents
    • Stools, musical instruments, textiles, clothing, Asafo flags, tools, carvings, masks, jewelry, crafts.

    History Through Photography

    • Old Ghana from the 1800s to date
    • Special photography exhibition of Ghanaian-Canadians: "Then and Now: in Ghana and Canada"
    • Historical collection of Ghanaian Highlife Music Album Covers.

    Storytelling with Dance & Drumming

    Adwoa Badoe is an award winning Ghanaian-born physician, storyteller, educator, writer and African dance instructor. Adwoa and renowned drummer, Fule Badoe will electrify Experience Ghana's guests with their “Once Upon an African Village” performance.


    Clifford Owusu is a comedian and entertainer whose dancing, humour, and positivity wins over African and non-African viewers alike. Clifford Owusu is your Experience Ghana host!

    Traditional & Contemporary Music

    Take a trip down memory lane with a live performance of popular and traditional Highlife music.




    • Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Male & Female Role Model Awards
    • Best Dressed Ghanaian Award

    Fair Trade Market

    Be ready to take home with you a piece of Ghana from our fair trade market selling artisan-crafted personal accessories, home decor and gift items:

    • Sculptures
    • Clothing
    • Jewelry
    • Adinkra/Kente cloths
    • Carved wooden furniture
    • Modern Asafo flags
    • Photobooks
    • Hand crafted wooden games
    • Children's books

    Kings and Queens

    Come speak and mingle with Ghanaian Queen Mothers, and Elders and witness the grand durbar of Ghanaian Kings & Chiefs,


    Award-winning multidisciplinary artist, Yaw Tony will be exhibiting his contemporary Ghanaian fabric prints.

    Traditional & Contemporary Fashion

    Explore the exhibition of traditional and contemporary Ghanaian fashion, by Nana Bediako- award-winning fashion designer.

    Authentic Ghanaian Cuisine

    Come taste and savour delicious traditional Ghanaian dishes and delicacies from Fingertips Restaurant.

  • Partners & Supporters

    We're thankful for the support provided by the following organizations:

    Museum of African Art, Belgrade

    Gallery Partner

    Museum of African Art is the first and only museum in Serbia entirely dedicated to the cultures and arts of the African continent. For more than 30 years, the museum has been showcasing the importance of African and non-European cultural and artistic heritage in general.

    Museum of African Art is a key contributor to the Experience Ghana gallery.


    Gallery Partner

    Yenkassa is USA-based nonprofit organization whose goal is not only to save Ghanaian stories lost to the dying art of oral storytelling but also to inculcate a sense of cultural pride and confidence in the next generation.
    Yenkassa is contributing historical photos and documentary videos that will be displayed at the Experience Ghana gallery and event.

    Meridian Sons Films

    Preferred Videography Partner

    Meridian Sons Films is a Toronto-based story-driven cinematography firm whose passion is to tell stories through film. Its films are engaging, emotive, and touching so you can relive those unique moments again and again.
    Meridiams Sons Films is Experience Ghana's videography partner.

    Ruthy's Shop

    Ruthy's Naturals

    Preferred Ghanaian Shea Butter Partner

    Experience organic shea butter from Ghana. Take home with you Ruthy's Naturals plant based hand-made body butters for your little ones and for the whole family,

    Fingertips Restaurant

    Preferred Ghanaian Food Caterer

    Fingertips Restaurant is a Brampton-based Ghanaian restaurant serving traditional dishes. Being outside one's home country is difficult but getting traditional home cooked food in a foreign land makes you feel at home. Catering is available.
    Fingertips Restaurant is Experience Ghana's traditional Ghanaian food partner.

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  • Location: The Assembly Hall

    Experience Ghana is hosted by The Assembly Hall, a restored century-old heritage building located on the scenic Lakeshore Grounds in South-West Toronto that features performances, cultural activities, and a gallery.

  • Arrive by public transit. Or carpool and take advantage of the free parking available on the streets adjacent to The Assembly Hall.




    alex@alexrascanu.com| 647 405 1601