• Partners & Supporters

    We're thankful for the support provided by the following organizations:

    Museum of African Art, Belgrade

    Gallery Partner

    Museum of African Art is the first and only museum in Serbia entirely dedicated to the cultures and arts of the African continent. For more than 30 years, the museum has been showcasing the importance of African and non-European cultural and artistic heritage in general.

    Museum of African Art is a key contributor to the Experience Ghana gallery.


    Gallery Partner

    Yenkassa is USA-based nonprofit organization whose goal is not only to save Ghanaian stories lost to the dying art of oral storytelling but also to inculcate a sense of cultural pride and confidence in the next generation.
    Yenkassa is contributing historical photos and documentary videos that will be displayed at the Experience Ghana gallery and event.


    Meridian Sons Films

    Videography Partner

    Meridian Sons Films is a Toronto-based story-driven cinematography firm whose passion is to tell stories through film. Its films are engaging, emotive, and touching so you can relive those unique moments again and again.
    Meridians Sons Films is Experience Ghana's videography partner.


    Videography Partner

    Tuxedia is a boutique post-production house driven by a small, talented and passionate team of audio/video editors and videographers. Our main focus is to offer the best possible post-production experience for our clients, whether business or individual clients.


    We believe we stand out from the crowd for two reasons: Our solid technological approach. Each one of our team members possesses a set of unique talents and technical skills, from sound editing, sound mixing, music composition, videography, picture editing, color grading, graphics and animation. We’re adaptable. Our size enables us to adapt quickly and always maintain the feel of a friendly style business, where our clients feel comfortable and well looked after




    Photography Partner

    Elizabeth Klassen

    From about 10 years of age Elizabeth Klassen fell in love with photography. Passionate about film and excited about digital, she followed her dream to become a professional commercial photographer and has since worked with many businesses and magazines producing images that reflect her vision and creative style for her clients.


    Trained at the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Elizabeth Klassen obtained her diploma in Commercial Digital Photography. She has a deep devotion to her craft and the locations that it takes her which is reflected in her style and unique perspective. You can view her images at http://elizabethklassenphotography.com.